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Update on VA Journey: Star Wars, Monsters, Fun!

2017-06-20 09:50:02 by iamsteve


It's already at the end of June, and I'm super stoked that I still get to do what I love. 

Just recently, I voiced Old Man Luke in this Last Jedi parody along with @SailorSilverStar as the voice of Rey. Thanks @DailyToon for letting me be a part of this awesome animation.


Another one of my recent works includes an original flash anime series titled "Infinity Shadow Hunter" by Dominic Stroud and team. Playing the main bad dude Darune of The Underworld. The Show's Opening below:


Next, I've worked with @rsonbie456 on his 'little' project that I'm sure will be a BIG hit here. What a pleasure that was! Thanks for reaching out!

Been also working on a few audio series that'll come out in due time. I also have a website that can be viewed for things like demos, photos, updates, and contact stuff. Fun! I've also landed another anime series role that won't be scheduled to release until the end of the year.

Also, a little secret of mine...well, not sooo secretive anymore. A quick snapshot of my previous, dank, sexy, "$3000" vocal booth while I was away at college.


Okay, okay... So it's not worth $3000; but hey! IT WORKED!

Thanks for reading this. Excited for what's next! ;)

New Update: Projects, Demos

2017-02-27 12:17:34 by iamsteve

Hello Newgrounders!

Here's a few updates on my VA journey: 

1.) I've voiced Goku in Episode 1 of "Frieza's Wish" that you can check out HERE on NG or on YouTube. Thank you @MysticSkillz for the opportunity to be a part of my first NG production with such an amazing group of artist! YouTube link below:

2.) I'm currently voicing the character Sam Nichols in the upcoming Far-off Daydream game "A Near Dawn". Check out the official teaser trailer here:


3.) My first official Voice Demo has been completed and uploaded both here on my NG Audio Profile:

...and my profile:

There are two more demos that I'm creating at moment that'll be uploaded before the end of April. I also have other animation projects (one that I'm ESTATIC to share but can't spill any news yet) that I'm currently working on to discuss later throughout the year. 

Thanks again for reading and can't wait to share my next update of this VA journey! :)


Kind regards.

Updates on Profile

2017-02-04 15:32:44 by iamsteve

Hey New Grounders!

Just wanted to say how awesome it is over here. Lots of incredible and underrated content from so many talented users! Wanted to say thanks to anyone that I've contacted or has contacted me here for welcoming me and I hope I can get to know more of you all throughout the new year. Big s/o to @RealFaction for helping me out here when I first started out. An incredible/diverse talent and a big heart! Love ya dude. :) 

I already have a couple of projects under works with different clients so I can't wait for you all to see what I've been a part of.

As far as my own original content goes, I'm currently constructing some voice over demos for my voice profiles. I'll have an Animation, Commercial, and Promotional demos to be viewed before the end of April. 

You can view a voice commerical that I've constructed for a class assignment this past fall here:

If you're interested in hiring me for any of your projects, you can view my profile here to see if I meet your criteria as far as voice and equipment goes:


Thanks for reading and thanks for making this another social media home for me!

Kind regards.