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New Update: Projects, Demos

2017-02-27 12:17:34 by iamsteve

Hello Newgrounders!

Here's a few updates on my VA journey: 

1.) I've voiced Goku in Episode 1 of "Frieza's Wish" that you can check out HERE on NG or on YouTube. Thank you @MysticSkillz for the opportunity to be a part of my first NG production with such an amazing group of artist! YouTube link below:

2.) I'm currently voicing the character Sam Nichols in the upcoming Far-off Daydream game "A Near Dawn". Check out the official teaser trailer here:


3.) My first official Voice Demo has been completed and uploaded both here on my NG Audio Profile:

...and my profile:

There are two more demos that I'm creating at moment that'll be uploaded before the end of April. I also have other animation projects (one that I'm ESTATIC to share but can't spill any news yet) that I'm currently working on to discuss later throughout the year. 

Thanks again for reading and can't wait to share my next update of this VA journey! :)


Kind regards.


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2017-02-27 13:50:25

Thank you for being part of the project. You're a very talented man, you will make a good impact here on NG and all around. Keep up the good work.