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Update on VA Journey: Games, Animation, WEBSITE, and Music!

2017-08-03 02:12:53 by iamsteve

Hello fellow New Grounders!

Here's an update on what's going on:



Work/recording on the first demo for A NEAR DAWN has officially commenced! I'll be voicing Sam Nichols, the main protagonist. More info on the official website:


I'll be starring as Detective Bob Carson, the main protagonist, for the upcoming indie animation film-noir flick, 44 MAGNUM. More info on the website HERE:


I have a few more projects that are in the works. One is an old school adventure game that's in the works which has a slated release date for sometime in 2018. More info on that later!

GUYS and GALS! Check out my website. I guess I gotta be a bit professional for clients:

Having that said, I actually had an Audiobook company (BEACON PUBLISHING GROUP) discover my site and made direct contact with me (girly scream)! However, it didn't really work out with the type of schedule that I have, which leads me to my next point:



So in about a week from now, I'll be making my ways to the land of Tennessee. Most of you probably don't know that I'm a Music major at my college, so I'll be needing to take my practicum in TN for the next 4 months. That doesn't mean I'm cutting my VA works. Being that it's a music center that I'm going to, there's going to be space (practice rooms, recording room, etc.) for me to get things done for clients. 

Maybe I'll put out a Song Demo or something on here when I'm done over there. Oh wait! I have another voice demo that's currently under construction (this one's gonna be good!) ;) You'll have to wait and see/hear for yourself.


Until then, goodday to you all!


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