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Nice. That was a pretty good Michael Keaton!

PeteChristensen responds:

Thank you! He's one of my favorites to voice.

Boom...nicely done.

Enjoyed every second! Killer quality (thank goodness!!)! Great and funny characters. You got the whole package. Cheers!

Guychace responds:

Thanks so much!

That was great! Love your high range! Very nice quality too.

Toggleroo responds:

Thank you so much!

If you're fairly new to the voice acting scene, then I'd say that is a very nice start! There's definitely a good use of variety of emotions and characters here in the 1:26 time span. It was funny, intense, and amusing which are all good traits to use for character demo.

A tip that I would suggest: careful to watch your gain levels for both your voice and the mixed in sfx. Your voice seemed to be peaking a little too high which then caused a bit of distortion. This is definitely something that can be an easy fix. Overall, I liked it and I think you've got a great handle so far! Keep it up!

Hey Nathan! I like your voice :). I like how pure and expressive it sounds and I can really see you doing anime work. Keep it up!

KujiraShonen responds:

Thanks! It would be pretty cool to do anime but living in the UK it would be pretty hard

Great Demo, Rebekah! Overall, lots of variety here with great use of emotions and expressions, grunts, etc. Wish you the best for future projects!

rebekahamberclark responds:

Thank you! :)

Man! I've never heard anything like it. You've really convinced me that this could defintelty be an old Joker for future Batman projects. I really like the ruggedness in his speech and the coarseness in his laugh. It was very unsettling and that's what I appreciated. Unsettling and in someway, echoes Hamill's Joker. Great job here! :)

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:


Thought it was great. Good job with the clarity in your voice. Your voice is very easy to listen to and you have a good/clean audio (major plus). :)

An actual song would be great dude! This is very therapeutic. :)

sternstaubkind responds:

i'm currently working on some other projets, but i'll look into that in the next days :3

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